Turkish coffee
2 Jan

Coffee and traveling is a perfect blend for delicious discoveries. While there are many places where you will have no trouble finding your favorite brews, there are certain destinations that elevate the coffee experience to whole new heights. Here are eight of the best coffee recipes in the world and where you should try them.

Cafe Cubano, Cuba
Cafe Cubano
There is nothing weak or watered down about Café Cubano. This Cuban coffee is strong and enjoyed with a shot of sugar.

Café del Olla, Mexico
Café del Olla
Café del Olla is prepared in a clay pot using ingredients that include cinnamon and piloncillo which is a raw form of sugar cane.

Cà phê sữa đá , Vietnam
Cà phê sữa đá
Vietnamese iced coffee is a delicious brew made with coffee and condensed milk. Coffee drips from the percolator that sits on top of a glass with condensed milk. The mixture is then poured into another glass with ice.

Ceremonial Coffee, Ethiopia
Ceremonial Coffee Ethiopia
Ceremonial coffee in Ethiopia is an experience that will test the patience of people who love to haste. The complete process takes about an hour – from roasting to grinding of beans up to the serving and drinking of the brews.

Espresso, Italy
Espresso is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coffee in Italy. While the country is known for its dedication to making high-quality brews, Italian espresso remains to be the top choice of many coffee lovers visiting the country.

Flat White, Australia
Flat White
Flat white is essentially a mix of espresso and steamed milk. It is prepared using less milk which makes it different from latte.

Hanoi’s Egg Coffee, Vietnam
Hanoi's Egg Coffee
Hanoi’s egg coffee is a delicious brew of coffee, condensed milk, sugar, and egg yolk. Not your typical coffee, but definitely a must-try.

Kahve, Turkey
Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee is known for its unfiltered process of brewing. The grounds are left to settle in the cup which makes it a sludgy drink. Strong and delicious, Kahve can be enjoyed on its own or paired with treats like baklava.

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