22 Jun


Coffee is probably everyone’s favorite drink.

It doesn’t only help relieve stress with its antioxidant properties, but also helps boost your energy and manage your weight. It also doesn’t only help prevent diseases with its medicinal properties, but also helps maintain your skin and regulate your digestion.

That being said, remember these when brewing coffee at home:

Coffee type matters. However, grind process also matters.

Believe it or not, whole-beaned coffee is considered healthier than pre-ground coffee. This is because whole bean coffee stays fresh for weeks as compared to pre-ground coffee that only stays fresh for days. This is also because of the fact that coffee will apparently lose its natural properties, which keeps a person healthy and fit, when it’s pre-ground or when it’s stale; hence the need for you to also grind the whole-beaned coffee in the right way: with the right kind of grinder and with the right amount of time.

Water type matters. However, water temperature also matters.

And no, it’s not just about brewing coffee with either tap water (which is considered the riskiest) or filtered water (which is considered the safest). But yes, it’s also about brewing coffee with either hot water or cold water. You see, coffee is meant to be served hot as compared to coffee that is served cold. The reason for this is quite simple: hot temperature helps the coffee distribute its natural properties thoroughly. To do this effectively, the water’s temperature should be around 200 degrees in Fahrenheit.


Coffee is everyone’s favorite drink. Coffee is truly everyone’s favorite drink…

…and learning how to brew the right cup for yourself, as well as for your loved ones, only goes to show how much coffee makes everything in life better.

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