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22 Aug

The Amount of Coffee is Directly Proportional to Weed Cravings

Pot Marijuana CannabisThis means if your intake of coffee is small, you’ll have low cravings for weed as well. A 2014 study proved this when scientists experimented with monkeys. They gave 1mg of caffeine to monkeys, and the same test subjects were also given unlimited access to marijuana. The result? The monkeys had low THC cravings. Likewise, when monkeys were supplied with 3mg of caffeine, they chose more THC. It shows that THC and caffeine have similar qualities when it comes to addiction. However, further research is needed to make a conclusion regarding this issue. Remember, these are monkeys and not people.

Coffee Doesn’t Improve Your High

A cup of coffee on a bean backgroundIn contrast to those people who firmly believe that drinking coffee while smoking weed improves their high, research doesn’t support the notion that coffee can make your state of high better. What research suggests is that the intake of coffee while consuming marijuana may allow you to smoke less while keeping your high, and that’s because of the caffeine. In other words, combining both only allows you to save more marijuana, but it doesn’t make you enjoy your “high” better. Again, you have to let the scientists do their research first. In the meantime, don’t bother yourself with the experiments.

They Both Give Users Euphoria

Sure, tons of research is still being carried out regarding the addiction part, but why not just bask in the pleasure they give? Coffee and marijuana both provide happiness to users and that’s a good thing. Although they still have differences and are not that much related, as caffeine cannot cancel out the “high” produced by marijuana, at least they’re similar when it comes to allowing users to reach a three-fold utopian place. However, we have to throw light on the idea that coffee can help you sober up after you smoke a joint; I hate to break it to you, folks, but it doesn’t help.



There are still so many secrets behind the combination of coffee and cannabis in the body, but what gives? It doesn’t mean you can’t start researching a little on your own, right? Just remember to experiment bit by bit and if possible, start growing your marijuana crops. Don’t worry; you don’t need a huge outdoor garden for marijuana plants, you can grow them indoors even without soil! Check out this link on how to grow cannabis hydroponically and thank me later.

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