28 Jan

Did you know that drinking coffee can make you focus more on what you’re drilling? That’s because coffee has tons of mental and physical benefits for you!

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If you’re a woodworker, chances are you’re using tools 100% of the time, whether they require electricity/battery or not. Drinking coffee can actually improve your performance as a woodworker. Read on to know more.

Enhances memory

Coffee can also improve one’s short-term and long-term memory. One study showed that coffee could boost memory, attentiveness, and awareness. A few studies have also noted that caffeine can significantly impact short-term and long-term recall.

Sharpens the mind

Coffee has been proven to boost the power of the brain. Researchers have discovered that those who drank 3-5 cups of coffee a day had around a 65% lower chance of developing dementia or an Alzheimer’s disease in the future. That means if you’re a woodworker, you can stay concentrated for as long as you have to thanks to coffee!

Reduces pain


One study showed that two cups of joe could decrease post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%. And if you haven’t realized yet, woodworking is exercising! This is especially true for woodworkers who have to split wood or smoothen wooden boards themselves. Good thing coffee can help you feel a lot better after work!

Lowers the risk of Parkinson’s Disease

A woodworker’s performance mostly depends on his/her hands. But if the worker can’t control the muscles, then the job because extremely difficult. Fortunately, coffee can decrease the chances of a person developing Parkinson’s disease. A few studies have already verified that. In fact, one study reported that a cup of joe contributes 31% decrease in the lowering of the risk. That’s good news.

Increases productivity

Caffeine found in coffee can help you stay awake and alert even when you lack sleep. It can keep you awake so you can finish whatever it is you have to complete. It also indirectly boosts your creativity by making you feel better, inspiring you to accomplish more, and giving you the confidence you need. With coffee, a woodworker can turn into a creative artist with his/her tools. Wouldn’t that be nice?



So, if you want to be the best woodworker out there, you have to start drinking coffee! If you already are, then you should drink coffee more (but no more than four cups a day)!

Note: “Coffee” in this article refers to black coffee with no cream, sugar, or other extras — just plain, excellent, and bitter coffee.

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