Coffee Destinations

10 of the World’s Top Cities for Coffee Lovers

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Go for: The coffee and the coffee ceremony experience
Addis Ababa coffee

Hanoi, Vietnam
Go for: Vietnamese coffee and Hanoi’s egg coffee
egg coffee Hanoi

Havana, Cuba
Go for: Cuban coffee like Café Cubano and cortadito
Cafe Cubano

Istanbul, Turkey
Go for: The Turkish coffeee
Turkish coffee

Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii
Go for: Kona coffee and farm to table coffee
Kailua-Kona coffee shop

Melbourne, Australia
Go for: The coffee culture, milk-infused coffees
Hudsons Coffee

Portland, Oregon, USA
Go for: Fair-trade and sustainable coffee options, quirky coffee culture
Coava Coffee

Rome, Italy
Go for: Black coffee, espresso, capuccino, and the caffes among others
Rome coffee shop

Seattle, Washington, USA
Go for: The coffee culture and the wide array of coffee shop options
Seattle Bauhaus

Vienna, Austria
Go for: The coffee shops or Wiener Kaffeehaus (Viennese coffee house), Viennese coffee, Wiener Melange, the cafe and coffee culture
Cafe at Hotel Sacher Wien